Makeup Tutorial for Covering Facial Redness, Acne and Lupus

Makeup Tutorial for Covering Facial Redness, Acne and Lupus

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30 December, 2022
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Today I'll be showing you how I cover my Lupus butterfly rash with my simple makeup routine. ❤


My post made 1.7k likes and you said such beautiful things! I'm so grateful we opened up discussion about Chronic Illness and Beauty.

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My name is Beth, I'm a sassy 23 year old with a disease called Lupus, and a large collection of makeup.

I started with an interest in beauty when my skin became damaged due to the effects of Lupus and harsh medications. My self-confidence hit an all-time low until I started playing with makeup to make me feel a little more human again. Beth Does Beauty exists because I want others to embrace who they are with what they've got, even if that means a banging contour, some heavy foundation or being bare-faced badass with your middle finger to the world.

What is Lupus?

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