Study Korean: My (updated) tips on how i study Korean! Learn Korean with Nina!

Study Korean: My (updated) tips on how i study Korean! Learn Korean with Nina!

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24 May, 2024
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hello my frens it's nina and here are MORE study korean tips if the last two videos weren't enough!!! ;)

the last two videos were part of my "not really studying with nina" series so they were very casual "study with me" videos. i decided to organize my tips (plus new tips) all into one fresh clean video for y'all! i hope this video is helpful and that you enjoy it :') i love teaching y'all stuff HAHA

time stamps:
1:05 - use a website/resource
3:07 - korean media and entertainment
5:01 - study korean lyrics
7:24 - study BOTH vocab and grammar
8:46 - use a translator/dictionary
9:17 - keep a word dump!
10:18 - watch content without subtitles/use korean subtitles
12:10 - speak out loud

this video is NOT sponsored! i know i mentioned a lot of websites and apps and stuff in this video but these are all just things i use to study korean.

some resources and websites:

how to study korean:
talk to me in korean:
v live:

anyway now i'm gonna talk to y'all for a sec. how are you??? i feel like i haven't really talked to y'all in a while?? even tho i upload videos almost weekly, i haven't really updated y'all on my life at all, so maybe in the near future i might do a q&a or update kind of video just so y'all can be caught up a little bit, or maybe an advice video so i can be like a big sister again hehe anyway idk why i'm going on about this BUT MY POINT IS I MISSED YOU SO LET ME KNOW how you are doing :)

i filmed this video two weeks ago in june before i moved! and yes i moved! so i'm technically not in this room anymore. i mentioned quickly in the video "rip ryan water bottle," and that's because i,,, lost my ryan water bottle while i was moving. for some reason i didn't keep track of it as i was packing, and now i have no idea where it went :'( it's been two weeks now, so i'm just letting it pass on. ryan water bottle, you have served me well. thank you. also to everyone who sent me kind words during this difficult time, thank you. it really was an era huh :'( also the fact that my ryan water bottle had a place in your hearts too rly,,, made me emotional,,, i love our family sklfjsljfs

i do plan,,, to get maybe a koya water bottle or one of those aluminum bottles. we'll see. it was sad accepting this loss flfsdjklgg but we move on,,

aNYWAY! i guess that is my little update! i'm gonna work harder to communicate with y'all more and put up more content for y'all now that i am almost done unpacking and getting my life back together! thanks for reading this and for watching this video and i will see you very soon.

love you always,

#StudyKorean #LearnKorean #howtostudykorean

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