How to Find Your True Singing Voice! WHY COPY SOMEONE ELSE?

How to Find Your True Singing Voice! WHY COPY SOMEONE ELSE?

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How to Find Your True Singing Voice! Why copy another singer when you can discover your own unique voice? Learn how to find YOUR true and unique singing voice, and then you can apply the styles of your favorite singers to YOUR OWN VOICE! Follow my FORMULA, including easy vocal exercises, and learn how to find your singing voice and develop your own unique sound and style! Plus you and your audience will have more FUN! This is perfect for beginning singers to seasoned pros.

0:00 Find Your True Singing Voice - intro
3:52 Step 1
4:32 Exercise 1
5:50 Step 2
6:31 Exercise 2
7:50 Step 3
8:43 Exercise 3
9:34 Exercise 4
10:15 Victoria's demos
11:28 Victoria's Wisdom

I have taught thousands of singers in all styles for 30 years, and have studied voice for 42 years! I always explain everything in everyday language, besides being entertaining! My videos give you quick fixes as well as long-term solutions. SING BETTER NOW! Follow Victoria’s Victorious Vocal Tips!

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