Parenting Teens- 3 Keys for Dealing with Your Teenager’s Disrespectful Behavior

Parenting Teens- 3 Keys for Dealing with Your Teenager’s Disrespectful Behavior

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Are you constantly battling with your teenager over simple tasks like having them clean their room, or do their homework, or get off their phone for more than 5 minutes? You ask them to do one tiny thing that they already should be doing, and they give you attitude and push back. You take away their phone and eventually they finally do what you ask, but the whole cycle repeats itself over and over.

If this sounds like you and your teenager, this video is definitely for you!
The first thing we as parents have to understand is where our teenager’s disrespect is really coming from. Disrespect equals disconnection and disconnection is the absence of the three elements that create connection, which are empathy, curiosity & vulnerability.
We have to ask ourselves what we are doing every day to nurture our heart-to-heart connection with our teen.

When you work on developing that heart-to-heart connection….which means that your teenager feels heard, seen and valued…..the disrespect will dissipate. It will no longer be an issue! Imagine that for a moment…..that’s exactly what you want, for there to be peace in your home, for your relationship with your teenager to be stronger, deeper, actually enjoyable, right?
This video gives you the 3 keys needed to build and foster your connection with your teenager.

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