15 Minute Meditation for Peace and Calm

15 Minute Meditation for Peace and Calm

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20 February, 2024
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15-Minute Meditation for Peace and Calm with Ally Boothroyd - Join our 5-Day Immersion for Peace here: https://allyboothroyd.com/full-moon-restorative-yoga-immersion-for-peace/

Full PlayList Here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL19-3B-OVYofkiItTwtoAWNvtaRGg5RpI

🌿 Find Your Serenity in the Heart of the Jungle - Breathe and Listen🌿

Join Ally Boothroyd on a 15-minute meditation journey designed to instill deep peace within. Set against the backdrop of Costa Rica's vibrant jungle, this session combines the soothing sounds of nature with gentle breathing exercises and visual cues to create a profound somatic experience of tranquility.

What to Expect:

Breathing for Peace: Learn breathing techniques that calm the nervous system, inviting a sense of relaxation and well-being.

Somatic Experience: Visuals and guided instructions will help you embody peace, creating a lasting sense of calm in your physical and emotional self.

Jungle Soundscape: Immerse in the natural symphony of Scarlett macaws, parrots, parakeets, toucans, and Montezuma oropendolas, enhancing your meditation and connection to nature.

Deepen Your Practice in Costa Rica:

Elevate your yoga and meditation journey amidst the beauty of Costa Rica. Discover our transformative retreats for a deeper exploration of peace and mindfulness: https://allyboothroyd.com/costa-rica-yoga-nidra-retreat/

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About This Meditation:
Tailored for both beginners and seasoned meditators, this 15-minute session with Ally Boothroyd is crafted to guide you through a peaceful journey, using the natural world as a catalyst for inner serenity. The combination of sound, breath, and visual meditation fosters a unique and enriching experience.

🌺 Embrace Peace: Allow the Jungle Sounds of Costa Rica to guide you towards inner calm. Subscribe for more meditations, breathing exercises, and insights into a peaceful lifestyle. Join our community in embracing the serene essence of the jungle in everyday life. 🙏

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