LEARN KOREAN: How to study Korean | not really studying with nina!

LEARN KOREAN: How to study Korean | not really studying with nina!

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10 June, 2024
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ok so like technically this is a real studying video bc these are my actual tips on how to learn korean but then also it's not a studying video bc i don't actually study in this video bc i'm telling u how to study but like also ur probably not studying either as ur watching this video so neither of us are actually studying so that's why i was like heck let's count it as a nrswn but also we are studying?? aNYWAY

hello it's nina and i am showing you how i learn korean!! i get dms and comments frequently asking how i'm learning korean and no matter how many i reply to i still get asked so i decided to make an entire video on it!!!! hopefully this video helps somehow!!

i've been studying on my own for a year now (but it wasn't very consistent studying during the school year bc i had my college classes and papers and exams) so TECHNICALLY i've really been consistently studying this summer and i'm slowly getting better but SLOWLY :O learning another language needs lots of practice! i tried taking a korean class at cal but everyone wants to learn korean so there wasn't room 2 semesters in a row so i've just been teaching myself

it's very much possible to learn on your own! and if you're not korean and have no knowledge of the korean language at all it's also still possible!! just believe in yourself and be dedicated!

also this video sounds like it's sponsored but it's not LOL

but here are the sites i mentioned and a lot of ppl use them too so i recommend!!:
how to study korean: https://howtostudykorean.com
talk to me in korean: https://talktomeinkorean.com

i mostly talk about talk to me in korean for some reason but how to study korean is also good! find out which one fits u better :)

this isn't a video TEACHING u korean this is just tips and a guide for how i've been learning korean if u want korean lessons then now u know about htsk and ttmik!! :)

i hope u enjoy this video and i hope this helped??? see u in my next video ;)

twitter: ninaeyu
instagram: ninaeyu
tumblr: neenzus
spotify: neenzus

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