How I would learn Spanish (if I could start over)

How I would learn Spanish (if I could start over)

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i'm fluent in spanish now, but in my opinion, i did it all wrong. here's how i'd go about it if i had another shot. spanish was the first foreign language i learned, so looking back i really had no idea HOW to learn languages! as a seasoned language learner, i've not only learned the languages themselves, but also how to learn them more efficiently. (believe it or not, this polyglot thing gets easier the more you learn.) thanks for watching :)

00:00 i have no idea how i learned Spanish.
00:48 speak from day one! (yes you can.)
1:53 speak even to yourself
2:10 record your progress!
2:50 don't be scared to speak with natives
3:38 stick to a specific dialect!
5:36 learn spanish through stories
6:10 learn REAL Spanish on Jiveworld
8:00 STOP obsessing over grammar
8:41 the grammar you NEED to know:
9:30 don't try to learn EVERY new word
11:00 learn vocabulary by topics
11:41 studying in school is a trap
13:08 comment your Spanish trauma down below

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πŸ’Œ about me: my name is Elysse, I'm 23 years old from the southern U.S. I've been learning languages for about 8 years, and I speak English (native), Spanish (C2), German (B2/C1), French (C1), Portuguese (B2), American Sign Language (advanced), and Turkish (A1). I'm interested in learning Hebrew, Chinese, Georgian, and maybe NΓ‘huatl as well :)

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