how i study 2 languages at once | korean & german

how i study 2 languages at once | korean & german

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Hello everyone! In today's video I explain how I self study both korean and german at the same time. Learning 2 languages at once isn't easy, but is anything worth having easy? Probably not. I just added German to my language routine and so far it's been fun. My Korean studies have plateaued a bit, but I'm determined to get to the advanced level and although studying 2 languages at once slows down the process, in my opinion it's so worth it. What do you think? Should you just focus on 1 language or 2? Also what languages are you studying? Just curious.. ;) #studykorean #german

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Intro - 0:00
My language background - 0:38
Things to keep in mind - 0:55
How I study Korean & German - 3:07
Sponsor - 3:38
How I study German - 5:08
How I study Korean - 9:03
Downsides of studying 2 languages - 11:15

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