how i self-study korean + tips for beginners

how i self-study korean + tips for beginners

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19 April, 2024
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in this video, i shared how i have been self-studying Korean for the past month. as a disclaimer, i am aware of some spelling mistakes i might have made in my notes. i’m still learning the language and definitely not fluent.

*timestamps for your convenience*
materials i use - 01:47
books i use - 02:55
my notes format - 04:47
tips i have for beginners - 06:33

my korean studies playlist:
my korean study supplies:

♡ study on talk to me in korean website for free:

♡ i also found this app that has all the talk to me in korean lessons for free:

♡ buy books on talk to me in korean website:

♡ buy books on amazon:

my favorite notebook for notes:
zebra sarasa 0.5 mm gel pen (black):
zebra sarasa multi 4 color gel pen:
tombow mono drawing pen:
tombow dual brush pen:
correction tape:
solid washi tapes (mt brand):
grid washi tapes:
cute characters washi tapes:
[filming equipment]
♡ iphone 11 pro max and/or sony alpha a5100
♡ my tripod:
♡ my mic for voiceover:
♡ editing app(s): vllo, imovie
[about me]
♡ who am i?
i'm ann, 24 years old, born and raised in vietnam, moved to the u.s. when i was 16, currently living in the state of texas
♡ can you teach us korean?
no - i'm also a learner like a lot of you so i can't teach anyone korean, at least at this time
♡ can you share your korean notes in a pdf file?
unfortunately no - i'm also a learner and a very much beginner, i don't want anyone to use my imperfect notes as a source of study. however i do post some pictures of my notes on my instagram.
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