How To Wire A Light Switch - EASY Single Pole Switch STEP BY STEP Wiring Tutorial

How To Wire A Light Switch - EASY Single Pole Switch STEP BY STEP Wiring Tutorial

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In this video I will show you how to wire a light switch. Wiring a light switch involves stripping wire, using a screw driver, and basic electrical work. I show you how to wire two light switches in a two gang switch box as well. I hope you enjoy this how to wire a switch tutorial that is step by step!

When wiring a light switch it is very important to consider safety first. Electricity can be very dangerous. This video is for entertainment purposes ONLY!

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Intro 00:00
Safety First 02:02
How to wire a single pole switch in a single gang box 02:18
How to strip the casing/jacket from a wire 02:26
How to tie ground wires together 03:17
How to strip wires 04:16
How to use needle nose pliers to make the hook on a wire 04:45
How to tie neutral wires together 05:12
How to connect wires to a switch 05:55
How to install a switch in a switch box 08:08
How to wire two single pole switches in a two gang box 09:17
How to make pig tails 12:10

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