Electric Wiring in Italy - You Won't Believe What They Do!

Electric Wiring in Italy - You Won't Believe What They Do!

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Have you ever wondered what electrical wiring in a house looks like in Italy compared to the UK? Gordon Routledge takes us on an enlightening journey through a project in Puglia, Italy investigating how Italians install and protect their electrical systems. He uncovers the secrets behind flexible conduits, robust earthing systems and generous consumer units. Along the way, he explores the importance of solar power and how the electrical supply is changing for the future.

Thanks to Nicola Isetta & Reisarchitettura

00:00 Welcome to Puglia Italy
00:40 Flexible conduit is everywhere
01:01 Electrical supply to the installation
01:45 Builders temporary supply
02:00 Consumer unit location
03:31 Bathroom - pullcords and sockets
04:08 Emergency lighting
04:24 No need for ladders
04:52 Some issues are universal - plasterers
05:10 Backbox installation
05:40 Earthing arrangements - Ring earth electrodes
06:30 Safe zones
07:37 Easy life
07:52 Solar panel requirements in Italy
08:58 Heat pumps for heating and cooling
09:45 Who designed the electrical system
10:19 Electrical supplies in Italy - the standard used to be 3kW!
11:15 Electrical load control
12:03 Revealed: The conduit colour code
12:48 Stay tuned for the second fix


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