Self-Paced, Online Homeschool Courses by Apologia

Self-Paced, Online Homeschool Courses by Apologia

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13 February, 2024
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Apologia's self-paced, online homeschool courses offer a flexible learning environment that fosters independence for your student as they learn course material at their own unique pace.

Self-paced courses in your homeschool help build independence, allows your student to pace themselves and review content that may be more difficult for them, and frees up your teaching to focus on other students or courses in your homeschool.

Self-Paced Courses Include:
- The full online digital version of the textbook
- Audio narration of the course textbook for auditory learners
- Video instruction course material, featuring Sherri Seligson as the instructor, integrated into the daily assignments
- Easy-to-do at-home experiments
- On-Your-Own and Study Guide materials
- Assessments and exams that are automatically graded
- Flexibility to learn at a pace that’s best for your student

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