Homeschooling With 5 Kids: An Update | Ep. 242

Homeschooling With 5 Kids: An Update | Ep. 242

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Today we get to answer your questions about homeschooling. We are also going to update you on what we are doing for our children’s homeschooling when it comes to math, reading, writing, music, history, science and what curriculums we are using. We are both second generation homeschoolers and we get a lot of questions about where our kids are at. We are excited to share what is currently working for us and what hasn’t worked.

We both love the aspect in our home of educating our children. We feel very aligned together. It’s very much a team effort when it comes to all of our kiddos. We have to rely on one another because we have a lot of little children, but it’s also a passion of ours. We talk about it a lot. It’s so rewarding seeing your children learning and grasping new things.

One of our favorite things is it feels like we are going back to school. We’ve developed a new love for learning! We know our why and reason now since we know the real purpose of learning. Showing our children why these things are important to learn is something we want to communicate clearly to our children. We don’t want it to be a mindless effort that we are making them do, because every other kid in America is doing it. Every accomplishment they make is so fun. It’s a big family win!

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0:00-0:45 Welcome Back!
0:46-4:48 Our History Homeschooling
4:49-7:40 Homeschool Tools
7:41-18:48 Subject 1: Reading
18:49-23:39 Subject 2: Math
23:40-26:20 Working SIX days a week
26:21-34:10 Math Continued
34:11-46:52 Subject 3: History
46:53-50:00 Subject 4: Science
50:01-56:26 Subject 5: Music
56:27-57:57 More Subjects

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