how i *successfully* learn multiple languages at once

how i *successfully* learn multiple languages at once

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here's a long-awaited video-- these are the tips and considerations that have helped me most while studying multiple languages at once. mindfulness and introspection is the core of success in language learning, so i hope that i was helpful in explaining it! leave me a comment telling me what languages you're studying right now šŸ¤”

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Hellooo! My name is Elysse, Iā€™m from the USA and I study digital media production. I have an undying passion for language learning and all the beautiful experiences it has brought into my life ā™„ļø I hope you enjoy my videos about my journey in language learning, as well as diaries about my travels and life as a curious tree-climber.


How old are you?:
20 years old

What languages do you speak/sign?:
English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, American Sign Language, and now Mandarin Chinese (all at varying levels!)

Where do you live?:
The United States, in the south.

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