Daily Vocal Routine for a Strong Voice 🙌 (MP3 Downloads)

Daily Vocal Routine for a Strong Voice 🙌 (MP3 Downloads)

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Come back every day and PRACTICE!!
Singing with more power, volume, intensity, and dynamics is what every singer wants!
Join your vocal coach Lisa in this essential journey and learn the routine that will get you started to find that bigger, stronger voice! 🙌

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0:00 - Intro
0:33 - Step #1 - Warm-Up
0:54 - The Bubble
1:50 - VVV
3:42 - Puffy Cheeks
6:06 - Step #2 - Exercise
6:43 - Mum
8:13 - Step #3 - Reset
9:46 - Bub
11:22 - Bup
13:53 - Step #4 - Cool Down
15:56 - Outro

Here are LOTS of downloads for you to sing along to! 😎

▶️ Long Scale (Warm-Ups: Bubble, Vvv, Puffy Cheeks & Cool Down) - High - https://d1923uyy6spedc.cloudfront.net/Long%20Scale%E2%86%91%E2%86%93%20(H)%20-%20Synthetic-1650753786.mp3

▶️ Long Scale (Warm-Ups: Bubble, Vvv, Puffy Cheeks & Cool Down) - Low - https://d1923uyy6spedc.cloudfront.net/Long%20Scale%20-%20Low%20Voice%20(Ascending%20and%20Descending)-1650753812.mp3

▶️ "Mum" on Descending 5 Tone Repeat - High - https://d1923uyy6spedc.cloudfront.net/Reverse%205%20Tone%20Repeat%20-%20(H)%20-%20Synthetic-1650753856.mp3

▶️ "Mum" on Descending 5 Tone Repeat - Low - https://d1923uyy6spedc.cloudfront.net/Reverse%205%20Tone%20Repeat%20-%20(L)%20-%20Synthetic-1650753880.mp3

▶️ "Bub" on Octave Repeat - High - https://d1923uyy6spedc.cloudfront.net/Octave%20Repeat%20%20%E2%86%91%E2%86%93%20(H)%20-%20Synthetic-1650753934.mp3

▶️ "Bub" on Octave Repeat - Low - https://d1923uyy6spedc.cloudfront.net/Octave%20Repeat%E2%86%91%E2%86%93%20(L)%20-%20Synthetic-1650754015.mp3

▶️ "Bup" on a Triple Arpeggio - High -https://d1923uyy6spedc.cloudfront.net/Triple%20Arpeggio%20%E2%86%93%20(H)%20-%20Synthetic-1650754091.mp3

▶️ "Bup" on a Triple Arpeggio - Low - https://d1923uyy6spedc.cloudfront.net/Triple%20Arpeggio%20%E2%86%93%20(L)%20-%20Synthetic-1650754118.mp3

▶️ Bubble Cool Down on Reverse Single Arpeggio - High - https://d1923uyy6spedc.cloudfront.net/Reverse%20Single%20Arpeggio%20%E2%86%93%20(H)%20-%20Synthetic-1650754269.mp3

▶️ Bubble Cool Down on Reverse Single Arpeggio - Low - https://d1923uyy6spedc.cloudfront.net/Reverse%20Single%20Arpeggio%20%E2%86%93%20(L)%20-%20Synthetic-1650754291.mp3

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Lisa is arguably the happiest music teacher on the planet. We can’t prove it, but we’d be willing to bet on it. With a background in classical and contemporary vocal training and a love for popular music, Lisa Witt focuses on helping her students uncover their own, unique sound and develop their voice with simple routines and tips for faster results. Her personal singing journey started filled with intimidation and fear about “singing out loud”. Lisa’s desire to find confidence led her to discover HOW her voice works (physically) and gained newfound confidence and passion to perform in her discoveries that she now shares in her lessons. Lisa is a singer-songwriter who values singing as a therapeutic release for communicating harder emotions.

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