What is Film Photography? — Beginners Guide to Film

What is Film Photography? — Beginners Guide to Film

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11 February, 2024
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Welcome to the CineStill YouTube Channel and welcome to film photography! This video is a broad introduction to the world of film photography: what is it? what are those numbers on a film box? what kind of camera should I get? what next? Scroll down and see how you can enter to win everything you need to get started with film photography (well, except the camera) 🎞️ ⬇️

Our host @linusandhiscamera will help guide you on this new journey in the land of film photography! This is the first of many videos we'll share on this channel to help you start shooting film — and loving it!

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0:00 - intro
1:08 - where do you start?
1:35 - what film to choose
1:49 - film types
2:20 - film stocks
2:35 - most common film formats
3:13 - 120 film aspect ratios
3:38 - typical film speeds
4:20 - types of film cameras
4:43 - 35mm point & shoots
5:00 - 35mm SLRs & rangefinders
5:28 - medium format cameras
6:36 - loading 35mm cameras
7:04 - loading medium format cameras
7:46 - shooting film & metering
8:38 - unloading your film
9:14 - now that you've shot your film...
9:35 - outro


Hey, you read this far! Congrats! As a reward, we're giving away everything you need to get started with film: a brick of 35mm film, processing supplies, and tools to scan your own film at home.

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