A Guide for Poor Film Photographers

A Guide for Poor Film Photographers

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Film prices have been increasing ever since the popularity of the analog photography space has started to take off. Kodak and Fujifilm have quickly increased the prices of their 35mm Film and 120 medium format Film offerings like Kodak Portra 400 and 800, Ektachrome, Ektar 100, Kodak Gold, Kodak Color Plus, Fujifilm C200, Fujifilm Pro 400H. Cinestill have continued to produce new and interesting consumer film stocks like Cinestill 800T, Cinestill 50D and Cinestill 400D. But, just like Kodak and Fujifilm, they are burdened by supply chain issues and they cannot meet the increased demand for color negative film. The increased demand can in-part be attributed to popular film photographers like Willem Verbeeck, Graindays, Joe Greer etc., which also popularized older cameras again like the Leica M6, Mamiya RB/RZ67, Mamiya 7, Pentax 67, Hasselblad X-Pan, Contax T2, and Canon AE-1. Unfortunately for film photographers, analog photography is getting more and more expensive and people need to resort to more budget friendly options like Ilford or Fomapan black and white film stocks. In this video I talk about the cheapest possible way to shoot film by utilizing bulk loaders, huge film canisters and some AI photography tools. This is a fun take on how you can get and use 35mm film effectively for cheap.

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