This CHEAP Acoustic Design Electronic Drum Kit is EPIC

This CHEAP Acoustic Design Electronic Drum Kit is EPIC

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17 January, 2023
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When I first bought the cheapest electronic drum kit that has the looks and wooden shells of an acoustic, I didn’t think it was that great. I was wrong!

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Millenium MPS 1000 review. I paid full price for this E Kit and have NO sponsorship / endorsement ties with Millenium. However if you are interested in purchasing this kit please consider using this Thomann affiliate link so that I may get a commission (this purchase burnt a big hole in my wallet lol):

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Music used:

Afternoon - LukRemBo

Tears - MX Audio Library

Rose - LukRemBo

Biscuit - LukRemBo

Highball - LukRemBo

I Need You - Eric Godlow

Sweet Memories - Eric Godlow

Lovely - Eric Godlow

Jay - LukRemBo

Feeling Low - Youngberry Beats

Icey4x for the outro music

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