C5 Arabian Native style Bamboo Flute | Root chakra Meditation @The-Flute-Wizard

C5 Arabian Native style Bamboo Flute | Root chakra Meditation @The-Flute-Wizard

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6 December, 2022
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The Flute Wizard is a master craftsman. His styles may vary from traditional Native American , Transverse, Shakuhachi , Xiao/Quenas, Ocarinas, Gemshorns, & other various "exotic" woodwinds & world instruments. Internationally renowned in over 40 countries world-wide!

A multi-instrumentalist, with over 20 years of experience playing, creating, crafting, & performing. The Flute Wizard makes all his instruments by hand to the highest standards of quality and stands behind all his work. 

If you're interested in learning about the magical powers of the flute, or would like to commission me for custom work - feel free to reach out! 

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