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11 February, 2024
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A Guide to Brick and Block Masonry will discuss details and characteristics of brick and block masonry
structures. The course consists of four main parts. The first part discusses common terms used in the
masonry industry; the second part discusses common masonry operations and how to perform them
while adhering to industry best‐practices; the third section of the course discusses some of the most
common types of brick and concrete block walls and how they are constructed. This includes cavity
walls, composite walls, common bond double wythe walls, and single wythe brick bearing walls. Each of
these types also includes a discussion on the relevant benefits, water resistance, energy efficiency, fire
resistance, and structural considerations. The final section of the course discusses the importance of
post‐construction cleaning and provides detailed instructions on how and when to clean brick and block
masonry. Our online course is built for your convenience. The system saves your progress as you go
through the course, meaning that you can leave the course at any time and return without losing your

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