Beam REMOVAL Leaves A Gaping HOLE In The Wall! Will It HOLD?

Beam REMOVAL Leaves A Gaping HOLE In The Wall! Will It HOLD?

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After lots of support and contemplating, we final pull the old beam down.

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This is another restoration video of our historic house. We saw this historic house for sale that had wonderful stone masonry and was mostly a brick house. The Romanesque architecture was amazing for this cheap house. With the slate roof and the masonry repair we had to do it was a great renovating house. We have to cope with termites damage and termite repair. The stained glass and fireplace mantels were amazing. If you are looking for abandoned historic homes or abandoned places look no further. We don't have any scary stories but a virtual house tour of the Mooreland House aka Mooreland Mansion aka Harrodsburg Castle aka Ashfeld Manor is a great place to follow.

Our DIY historic preservation videos are not necessarily how to videos. We get a lot of inspiration from some of our favorite channels like Wild Wonderful Off Grid, Pure Living for Life, Onboard Lifestyles, Mike Haduck Masonry and many more. We love our little castle on the hill.

Last song is Trail 125 solo by Roger Martin. Check out is Spotify Dirt Storm Drifters!

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