How To Wire A Single Pole Light Switch Circuits 3 Different Ways (2022) DIY Tutorial For Beginners!

How To Wire A Single Pole Light Switch Circuits 3 Different Ways (2022) DIY Tutorial For Beginners!

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- WAGO Wire Connectors (36 piece) -
- WAGO Wire Connectors (78 piece) -
- Voltage Detector With LED -
- Long-Nose Pliers -
- Wire Strippers -
- 15 Amp Single Pole Switch (5 Pack) -
- 15 Amp Single Pole Switch -
- Switch Cover -
- New Work Electrical Box 1 Gang (J-Box) -
- Old Work Electrical Box 1 Gang (J-Box) -
- Old Work Depth Adjustable 1 Gang (J-Box) -
- 14/2 Cable 2 Wire W/ Ground (50 Feet) -
- 14/2 Cable 2 Wire W/ Ground (250 Feet) -
- 14/3 Cable 3 Wire W/ Ground (100 Feet) -
- 14/3 Cable 3 Wire W/ Ground (250 Feet) -
- Nail Plate Wire Shield -
- 1/2” Cable Staples -
- 3/4” Spade Bit (6”) -
- 3/4” Spade Bit (16”) -
- Cable Puller (Fish Tape) -
- Black Electrical Tape -
- Insulated Screwdriver 2-In-1 -
- Drywall Saw -
- DeWalt Cordless Drill Combo -


On this episode I'm going to show you how to wire a single pole light switch circuits in 3 different ways updated version for year 2022! First method is the Middle-of-Run where the power is fed to the switch to the light fixture. Second is the End-of-Run where the power is coming from the light fixture to the witch being the last in the circuit! The 3rd method, well you’ll have to watch the full video for that surprise! 👍🏽😊. This is a great DIY step by step tutorial for beginners and those whose are new in wiring!

METHOD #1 Middle-Of-Run Wiring - 4:25
METHOD #2 End-Of-Run Wiring - 10:56
METHOD #3 End-Of-Run Wiring Option #2 - 17:10

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