[Hindi] How to Join Wires to SPV Junction | Solar Panel ko Wires Kaise lagaye | Solder Cable to Box

[Hindi] How to Join Wires to SPV Junction | Solar Panel ko Wires Kaise lagaye | Solder Cable to Box

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18 July, 2023
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So you Brought a New solar panel but there are no Leads Pre-soldered from the Junction Box?
In this video we shall explain how to Securely solder wires to Solar Panel Junction box (yeah the small black box at the back)

This video is available in Multiple languages-
English- https://youtu.be/bnEWzTxQtws
Hindi- https://youtu.be/fJzlr3utRJg

You will need- (Affiliate Links)
Soldering kit 60w https://amzn.to/42QG47v
DC Copper wire 4 or 6 Sq.mm https://amzn.to/40Tuvuy
Screwdriver kit https://amzn.to/40TFyUb
Wire Stripper https://amzn.to/42TJVk1
Nose Plier (Pakkad) https://amzn.to/430GLLl

Workbench Setup Tour- (Hindi)

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This Video is about-
1.Connecting Wires To Solar Panels Junction Box
2. How to Wire a Solar Junction Box if it did not come with any Cables
3. Proper way to Solder Solar Panels. How can we Solder wires on to a Solar Panel
4. How to Get a good Solder Joint. How to Solder Copper wires.
5. Solar panel did not come with wires? Fret not. We will Join our own, and securely!
6. How to Open & Close Solar Panel Junction Box.
7. How to Inspect & Tighten Solar Panel Junction Box Screws or Terminals.
8. How to Crimp Wires with Plier. How much to Strip. How to use Wire Strippers.
9. Solar panel Junction box Connection in Hindi, जंक्शन बॉक्स में कनेक्शन कैसे करते है. Solar panel connection.

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