Custom Motorcycle Wiring Tips And Tricks! - PT2

Custom Motorcycle Wiring Tips And Tricks! - PT2

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Custom Motorcycle Wiring Tips And Tricks! This video is part two in the series aimed at helping you build or modify your own custom motorcycle wiring harness! In this I take you through more components that you will need to do the job correctly as well as giving you some tips along the way! You will hear about wiring diagrams, wire types, heat shrink differences and uses, wiring loom types and their applications, various electrical tape, tools I use, when to use various terminals or connectors, and more so stick around!

Nymax loom:

Split loom:

Scotch Super 33 tape:

3M Friction tape:

Tessa tape:

Service manuals:

Source for terminals, connectors, etc:

Source for standard wire and components:
Dime City Cycles -
Common Motor Collective -

Source for TXL/GXL wire and components:

Blue crimpers shown:

HP Academy YouTube Channel (wealth of information)

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