Simple Mandala Art tutorial for Beginners | Easy Dot Art using Metallic paint

Simple Mandala Art tutorial for Beginners | Easy Dot Art using Metallic paint

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15 November, 2022
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Hello everyone...
Welcome back to my channel...

I hope you will have enjoyed this video.

In this video I've made a very simple & elegant planter on bottle ,which is very easy to follow.

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Craft Detail Knife :
Craft Cutter :
Mouldit Clay :
Dot art Tool :
Modelling Tool :
Clay Modelling tool :
Clay Cutter :
Wooden Panels :
3D Outliner :
Flat Brushes :
Medium Size acrylic Color :
Glass Color (Solvent Based) :
3D Outliner :
Pearl Shade acrylic color :
Menorah Journal :
Brush Pen :
Mix Media Paste :
Gesso :
Palette Knife :
Stencil Brush :
Paper Book :
Chalk Paint :
Mod Podge Glue :
Decoupage Napkin :
Stencils :
Multi Surface Paint :
Neon Color Set of 4 :
Glass Color (water based) :
Sculpture Paste :
Primed Chipboard :
Decoupage Filament Paper :
Pink Embellishments :
Blue Embellishments :
Cardstock :
Plate Hanger :
Silicon Glue :
Sponge Dabber :
Round Brush :
Sponge Roller :

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Things used :~
~ Empty Glass Bottle
~ Sponge Dabber
~ Acrylic Paint :

• Acrylic Black
• Metallic Paints

~ Dotting Tools

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