How I Would Learn to Code in 2024 (if I had to start over)

How I Would Learn to Code in 2024 (if I had to start over)

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It is that time of the year again when I give you the exact way I would learn to code in 2024 from scratch if I were starting over today without having written a single line of code before and with no CS degree and no connections or any other unfair advantage.

Like every year, things are changing again in 2024...

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0:00 Learning to Code is Changing in 2024...
1:14 Best Way to Get Started Learning to Code
2:05 Best Programming Languages & Roadmaps in 2024
2:37 How to Start for FREE
3:10 Get 60+ Coding Courses for the Price of a Coffee a Day!
4:43 Why 99% of Beginners Quit
6:40 You MUST DO THIS Before You Start...
7:27 How to Hack Your Brain to Learn to Code
10:30 How to Get a Job FAST (with no experience)
12:27 Avoid THESE Coding Resume MISTAKES
13:05 Overwhelmed? Do THIS

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